Annie 2007

The Creative Team

  • Director: David Pickburn
  • Music Director: David Williams OAM
  • Choreographer: Mandie Black


Photography by John Moore Photography

Show dates

11-26 May 2007


  1. Music Theatre Guild of Victoria
    Settings: Sue Acheson & David Pickburn
  2. Music Theatre Guild of Victoria
    Junior Performer in an Open Production: Julia van der Hoeven
  3. Music Theatre Guild of Victoria – Gladys Moncrieff Award
    First Performance in a Featured Role: Steve Wiegerink


Principals (Yellow / Pink Cast)

Warbucks – Steve Wiegerink
Grace – Stephanie Powell
Rooster – Scott Miller
Lily – Sabrina Martiniano
Sandy – Newton Rottler
Annie – Victoria Caruso / Julia van der Hoeven
Hannigan – Bobbie Neil / Janine Howe
Tessie – Alanna Rottler / Chloe Brangrove
Kate – Madison Trew / Kate Lawrence
Molly – Tori van der Hoeven / Taylah Trew
Pepper – Jess Phillipi / Keagan Vaskess
Duffy – Eloise Jolly / Olivia Whyte
July – Rhiannon Kane / Madeleine Carpenter

Support Cast

Sound fx man – Zac Alaimo
Cecille – Liz Barry
Boylan Sister – Siobhan Barry
Eddie – Paul Beaumont
Mary – Natalie Bellis
Star to be/Boylan Sister – Joey Black
Mrs Greer – Kate Boyer
Sophie – Fiona Camp
Peggy – Tammy Dawes
Bundles – Tom Doyle
Jane – Megan Farmer
Roxy Usher/Boylan Sister – Laura Hartnell
Asst dog catcher/Jimmy Johnston – Ben Heels
President FD Roosevelt – Steve Howe
Louis Howe – Peter Larsen
Mrs Pugh – Adele Larsen
Frances Perkins – Helen Lowe
Officer Ward/Bert Healy/Henry Morganthau – Michael Mendez
Fred/Fred McCracken/Judge Brandeis/Annie’s father – Kyle Nicholas
Drake – Caleb Rennie
Apple Seller – Jeanne Rigg
Ira/Annette/Annie’s mother – Amy Ryan
Dog Catcher/ Harold Ickes – Tristan Vanyai
Artie/Cordell Hull – Michael Winterton


Zac Alaimo
Liz Barry
Siobhan Barry
Natalie Bellis
Paul Beaumont
Joey Black
Kate Boyer
Fiona Camp
Melanie Camp
Leanne Christensen-Trew
Tammy Dawes
Tom Doyle
Megan Farmer
Chris Giles
Laura Hartnell
Danni Haworth
Ben Heels
Chris Howe
Steve Howe
Clare Hume
Peter Larsen
Adele Larsen
Helen Lowe
Liz Lubberink
Michael Mendez
Tom Needham
Kyle Nicholas
Brenda Patterson


Original Production directed by Martin Charnin
Presented on Broadway by Mike Nichols

Produced by
Irwin Meyer – Alvin Nederlander Associates Inc.
Stephen R. Friedman – The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
Lewis Allen – Incarus Productions

Based on “Little Orphan Annie”

By Permission of The Tribunal Media Services Inc.

Originally produced by The Goodspeed Opera House
Michael P. Price, Executive Director

By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd
Exclusive Agent for Music Theatre International (NY)